Some Key Clients and Companies


Charlotte Pipe                                                                      Fairchild Products/ Rotork

Celanese                                                                              Wix Filtration

Barloworld                                                                            Purolator

GE Plastics                                                                          Baumann Springs

Stabilus                                                                                GE Lighting

Lowe Home Improvement                                                     MTS Sensors

Having worked with hundreds of companies all over North Carolina, the United States and internationally for over 18 years, specializing in driving brand awareness for products and services in the industrial markets.  From small to large industrial and commercial manufacturers,  I understand the unique needs of buyers within the industrial sectors.  I am well experienced and diversified in knowledge of how People make buying decisions online. Additionally I have experienced with usability principles and I have had access to large online studies providing key insight to Human buying behaviors.  I have proven skills as a Team Leader and well versed in working with all levels of Upper Management, Sales, Marketing, Engineering, IT, Programming and Web Developers. 

Business Consulting SERVICES

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