 Drive, Convert Measure Concept Instituted
 Creating the Perfect Strategy
 Closing the Loop, Lead Generation to Order Fulfillment
 Information Architecture specialist & Advanced Content aggregator
 Product Manager for Control Panel Tools
 Manage & improve web based business systems tools
 Extranets, Intranets and Online portals
 Custom CRM and Lead Management System
 SEM Paid Search / PPC / Google Yahoo/ SEO
 SEO Analysis / Performance Reviews
 Product Configurators with CAD Delivery
 Auto Quote System with CAD delivery
 Dynamic RFQ’s advanced lead routing and advanced Tracking
 Online Catalogs with E-Commerce
 Improve call analysis site reporting, Goal forecasting & conversion tracking for leads & sales from All sources.
 International Websites and/ or Distributor Dealer Storefronts
 Front End Back End Product Management and Internet Marketing Services.
 Product Improvement for Client needs and Tools
 Social Media Marketing Support
 Press Release Submission/Distributor/dealer Support
 Web Development Support
 Data Collection Effort / Data Scraping System
 Visit to sale conversion improvement & Diagnostic Selling support
 Usability Principles reviews
 Online Buying Behavior Modeling
 Variable Testing and Analytics
 Review of multichannel distribution sales, volume and market penetration review of Multi tier pricing allocations through multichannel distribution channels
 Conversion improvement techniques applied
 Chat Tools if needed
 Best Web standards, WC3 standards and best practices
 CAD, Product selectors, Confiqurators
 Intelligent FAQ system (aka) Self learning Databases Cost/labor reduction associations & estimate cost savingType your paragraph here.

Helping you create the right wording to attract the right customers and eliminate the tire kickers


IMPLEMENTation Support 

We identify current technology, training, and processes to take your Business to the next level. Drive - Convert - Measure

Once we have executive buy-in, we oversee the implementation process from start to finish.




Internet Media Group LLC. monitors Key Performance Indicators, using online tools to increase sales and we adjust strategies to reduce cost.


Internet Media Group LLC. uses surveys, interviews, and observation to conduct a comprehensive service audit.


To Bridge the Gap between the Company Goals and the Client’s needs. To Manage, Automate and improve the use of technology to reduce cost and increase operational efficiencies. To constantly improve the process for the Clients experience and the Companies profitability.

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